Available on: Young Money / Universal digital

Annie Lennox’s ‘No More I Love Yous’ was hardly a gem in the first place, but here’s Young Money’s Nicki Minaj sampling it for her latest single, complete with token vocoder chorus.

If it seems like a desperate attempt for a chart hit that Minaj probably doesn’t need, it’s not – the track was originally put out as a reaction to a leak and snowballed. And besides, I’d rather it be her doing this stuff than some coked-up Flo-Rida clone. It’s not all bad either, though she sounds much better when chatting rough-neck about rubberbands than about her man being “like a candy store / and I’m a todd-lor”. At least the lines about geisha and samurais meeting in the sky make marginally more sense once you watch the video. Well, sort of. When do you reckon a song with “spunk” in the chorus last did this well, anyway?

Chris Campbell



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