Comfortably our favourite news story of the day. Comfortably.

Rapper Foxy Brown, who spent the 90’s jocking with the likes of Lil Kim and Missy Elliot for the position of premier female rapper, working with Jay-Z, Dr. Dre, Nas and more in her time, was arrested this week for violating a protective order filed by a rival in her neighbourhood, and mooning the neighbour. That’s right, mooning. We didn’t think mooning still happened – the idea of getting arrested for it is bizarre.

Brown was arrested on Wednesday after an altercation with Arlene Raymond, who the rapper has apparently been feuding with since ’07 – the year she allegedly assaulted Raymond with a cellphone, something she eventually apologised for.

The pair become involved in a dispute over the volume of Brown’s music as she was rehearsing, during which Raymond claims that Brown walked up to her home, called her a “dirty bitch” and, in the words of the police report [via TMZ], “bent over and thrust her buttocks at the neighbour while shouting “kiss my ass”.

According to Brown’s manager Bernadette Brennan , “Foxy is completely innocent of these charges”, and “is in good spirits” [via AllHipHop]. The rapper has been charged with six criminal offences, including public lewdness, criminal contempt, menacing and harassment.



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