Alpha-ville 2010, an international festival of digital arts & culture, will take place in London on Friday 17 and Saturday 18 September.

The theme for this year’s festival announces its theme for this year is Visionary Cities. Under this banner a number of live music and visual performances will take place, showcasing established names in electronic media as well as lesser-known talents from around the world.

Of particular interest is a rare live set from Bola, whose visionary releases on Skam helped define 1990s IDM, plus a performance from highly-regarded isolationist Scanner. Notable younger talents on board include neo-classical outfit The Boats and up-and-coming dubstepper (and former FACT mixer) Subeena. In addition to the music, there will be several ‘live cinema’ performances, including a 3D commission that brings together Raster-Noton’s Pixel and Alpha-ville’s Graphset.

Carmen Salas, creative director of Alpha-ville says: “Alpha-ville 2010 invites the public to see the city and society of tomorrow through the eyes of pioneering digital artists who have made use of the latest technology to explore social, emotional and environmental issues. Our cities are continuously developing, growing and interconnecting, controlled by the demands of the 21st century metropolis. New technologies are transforming human relations and the built environment and there are increasing concerns for the future of urban spaces and society. The 2010 festival will provide a space for reflection on this theme.”

The festival resides at the Whitechapel Gallery and Rich Mix arts centre in East London.

Full programme so far:

DAY 1 Whitechapel Gallery

Digital screenings:

– Bartlett’s Unit 15 Showcase: Talk & Screening
– Moving Image Competition – “Visionary Cities”
– Alpha-ville Screening Programme

Live electronic music:

– Bola (Skam, UK)
– Scanner (Bine, UK)
– Subeena (Planet Mu, UK)
– The Boats (Home Normal, UK)
– Soundhacker (Smallfish, UK)
– Uniform (Planet Mu, UK)
– Michael Santos (Home Normal, UK)

Interactive Space
A creative laboratory and performance space will invite participants to explore the modes and effects of interactive new media design, encouraging active participation and fostering creativity. The unique performances will be staged making use of sound and 3D audio-visual mapping.

DAY 2 Rich Mix

Live Cinema Performances:

– Pixel + Graphset (FR + DE)
– Pixel (Raster Noton, DE)
– Graphset (Alpha-ville, FR)
– Gangpol und Mit (FR)
– Alba G. Corral + Nikka (ES)
– The Space in Between’
– Zan Lyons (UK)


DAY 2 at the Whitechapel Gallery will feature a Digital Music Technology Workshop for girls aged 14-19.



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