Heartthrob is best known as a core member of Richie Hawtin’s globetrotting M-nus crew, but he’s a terrific artist in his own right, possessed of an uncommon ability to make minimal techno sound vital and vigorous. Fact: his track ‘Golum’, taken from 2005’s Time For Ensor EP, is one of the deadliest dancefloor rippers ever.

Very much a quality over quantity kind of guy, Heartthrob – real name Jesse Siminski – has been fairly quiet on the release front since dropping his elegant Dear Painter, Paint Me LP in 2008. But don’t let that fool you: while commercially available 12″s and remixes have been thin on the ground, our man has been creating a wealth of new music, as those of you who’ve caught him live recently will know.

Heartthrob brings said staggeringly well-honed live set to London’s Fabric this Saturday, 31 July, joining in a bill in Room 1 that also features Marco Carola and Rhadoo; the other certain highlight of the night will be Abe Duque and Blake Baxter’s jack-athon in Room 2. Full line-up below; more info and tickets here.

To herald Heartthrob’s Fabric appearance, we’ve got an exclusive new track by him for you to download. Entitled ‘Leavin”, it’s a potent distillation of what makes this producer tick: taut yet swinging percussion, fat synthetic bass, a healthy dose of industrial sturm und drang and no shortage of drama.

Download: Heartthrob – Leavin’
(Available for seven days)

Saturday 31 July

Room 1:
Marco Carola, Rhadoo, Heartthrob (LIVE)

Room 2:
Wang presents…

Abe Duque & Blake Baxter (LIVE), Posthuman (LIVE), Bass Junkie, Electro Elvis

Room 3:
Nature or nurture…

Terry Francis, Gamal Kabar (Pokerflat), The Pushamann, Vian



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