The B-side of the new single from Nick Cave’s Grinderman features guitar work by Robert Fripp.

The single, ‘Heathen Child’, heralds the release of Grinderman’s sophomore LP, imaginatively titled Grinderman 2. It will be available through Mute on September 6 on two formats: digital download b/w exclusive track ‘Star Charmer’, and as limited edition, coloured 12″ vinyl b/w exclusive track ‘Super Heathen Child’.

It’s ‘Super Heathen Child’ which features Fripp, mainstay of UK prog institution King Crimson. Over the years Fripp steered that band from its bombastic early days towards a tougher, leaner sound that continues to influence myriad art-rock, grunge and avant-metal groups today. During the 1970s in particular, Fripp coaxed some truly otherworldly sounds out of his guitar, thanks in part to a custom tape delay system which became known as ‘Frippertronics’; his first two albums with Brian Eno, (No Pussyfooting) (1973) and Evening Star (1975), are certified classics, and the pair have continued to work together on numerous subsequent occasions. Fripp has also collaborated with the likes of David Sylvian, The Orb and Theo Travis.

You can listen to Grinderman’s ‘Heathen Child’ (the A-side version not featuring Fripp) below.

Grinderman – ‘Heathen Child’



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