This week sees the release of That Mystic, a new five-track EP on the Night Slugs label by R’n’B-obsessed New Yorker Kingdom.

And unsurprisingly, it’s very good. Kingdom’s always had the ability to move dancefloors in weird ways, but This Mystic sees him move away from the bassline-heavy garage of tracks like his trademark ‘Mindreader’, and into a cloudy zone of cavernous, Aztec-influenced rave, where diva vocals swirl through corridors like ghosts.

To celebrate the release of This Mystic, Night Slugs are giving away an old Kingdom edit of No Lay’s aggro-grime classic ‘Unorthodox Daughter’, originally produced by Silkie before he traded in his grime pads for dubstep sax. Download it below.

Download: Silkie / No Lay – Unorthodox Daughter (Kingdom Remix)



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