Alright, Zombie Disco Squad have a lot to answer for.

For a start, they’re called Zombie Disco Squad. Other offences they’ve committed: running a night called Get Rude, and, well, calling themselves Zombie Disco Squad. Luckily, these offences don’t include the pair’s music, which is often very good.

And this new track, ‘Danca do Zumbi’, from Man Recordings’ new compilation made to celebrate five years of the label, is very, very good. We’d probably rather a dub version, because MC Oscar starts to grate, but you can’t argue with those crystal clear steel drums. Fans of Kode9’s ‘You Don’t Wash’ and Afefe Iku’s ‘Mirror Dance’ might have just found a new squeeze.

Download: Zombie Disco Squad feat. MC Oscar – Danca do Zumbi

Valeu: Celebrating 5 years of Man Recordings is out on September 6.



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