FACT have over 10, 000 followers on Twitter. We thought that was pretty cool.

Then last night, Kanye West got Twitter and clocked up 100, 000 in a matter of hours (we wonder if Taylor Swift is one). Fair enough though, the man had stuff to say.

First off, his much-anticipated fifth album is no longer going to be called Good Ass Job. Second off, he’s giving you the chance to hear acappella versions of tracks that will probably feature on the album. First, he stopped by Facebook’s offices (we like to think he’d have come to FACT’s, but we’re on the other side of the pond) to perform ‘Lost in the World’, ‘Chain Gang’ and ‘Mama’s Boyfriend’ [those are the titles according to Pitchfork, anyway], conference style on a stage.

The rapper then hit up Twitter’s offices to perform another verse. In his own words, from his ever-bizarre blog, “any times in life I’ve had to deal with moments of doubt. And as it’s been a minute since I’ve performed any fresh material in front of an audience, this could’ve been one of those moments… but it wasn’t. Your energy was a gift so electric, so genuine, that it really helped me give my best. The energy was so inspiring I had to keep going! I just hope you got as much from me as I got from you…which was everything!”

Kanye’s now up to 200, 000 followers on Twitter, and has taken to showing off a bit. Highlights so far include him posting pictures of his goblets (because he “hates half empty water bottles”) and going on about a “small ass jet”. Fair enough.



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