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A few years back, Robyn had a song with a remarkably similar title to her latest single. This is ‘Hang With Me’, that one was ‘Handle Me’. Both were about boys not being able to get with Robyn, but while in ‘Handle Me’ he couldn’t get with Robyn because he was a prick (and even worse, a Nazi), the subject of ‘Hang With Me’ can’t get with Robyn because he might fall in love with her, she won’t love him back, and it will all end in disaster.

Except it’s not that simple, and that’s reassuring. You see, Robyn’s self-titled album that ‘Handle Me’ was on was a masterpiece, and her new one that ‘Hang With Me’ is on (in acoustic form at least), Body Talk Pt. 1, isn’t quite as good. It’s still decent, but you can’t help thinking that Robyn’s so aware of the hipster-approved pop star status she received as a result of Robyn that it’s started to detract from the music. I mean there’s a fucking dubstep track produced by Diplo on it, no one wanted that.

So you hear ‘Hang With Me’, a whooshing electro-pop track about everyone falling in love with Robyn, and you start to wonder where the raw, neurotic pop star that you fell in love with got to? But then you listen more, and you realise that at its core, ‘Hang With Me’ is about Robyn’s problems, not yours. The verses are about her needing wake-up calls (“when you see me drift astray / out of touch and out of place / will you tell me to my face”) and shoulders to cry on (“when I’m ready to give in / will you pick me up again?”) – shit, even the video is her trying to look cool, taking Polaroids of staged friends.

At the end of the day, ‘Hang With Me’’s far from uncharted territory for Robyn, but it’s nice to see that with the world and Diplo all over her, she can still come out with classic Robyn cuts like this – even if it does take a few listens to get over your initial suspicions.

Anna Russell



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