Acclaimed deep house producer, DJ, writer, public speaker and the rest of it, Terre Thaemlitz, has spoken out about the back catalogue of seminal electronic label Mille Plateaux being “illegally uploaded into major distribution systems”, including Beatport.

In an open letter to the press this morning, Thaemlitz, who made serious waves with his last DJ Sprinkles album, Midtown 120 Blues, claimed that “the original Mille Plateaux back-catalog has once again been illegally uploaded into major distribution systems, including Beatport, etc. I am led to believe they have been provided the content by the distributor IODA, from whom I am attempting to get specific information about the uploader.

He goes on to state that this is “devastating news for [himself], as well as so many other Mille Plateaux artists who struggled for years to have the works removed from illegal distribution.

“If possible”, the letter continues, “I would ask you to remind your readers that none of the original Mille Plateaux catalog is authorized for digital distribution, all contracts have since expired, and all rights have returned to the original artists long ago. This includes both solo albums and compilation tracks.” Thaemlitz also specifies that the only legitimate Mille Plateaux downloads are the “very recent projects released under the Mille Plateaux label name since it has been owned by Marcus Gabler [c.2008-present], which have nothing to do with the original Mille Plateaux catalog and are only related in label name”.

To read the entire letter, including details of the six years Thaemlitz spent trying to get his old Mille Plateaux albums taken offline, click here.

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