Kanye West, what have you done?

This weekend gone, the multi-million selling rapper and overnight Twitter sensation decided to follow one – just one – person on Twitter, Coventry’s Stephen Holmes. West declared that Holmes was his “chosen one”, urging him to “tweet strong”.

Well, being Kanye’s chosen one hasn’t worked out so well for Holmes. The Irn Bru and Kasabian-loving lad allegedly spent yesterday being sent abuse (presumably by jealous Kanye fans? We’re not sure) over Twitter, leading him to post that “if abuse was love then i’ve never felt more loved.”

He then went on to say that the situation “has been completely surreal and i really have no desire for this attention … I won’t be speaking to anybody else [press / journalists]. Surprisingly not everyone wants to be famous.”

Yeah yeah. On the other side of the coin, Kanye’s been on good form as ever. Recent Tweets include “fur pillows are actually hard to sleep on”, and “I need more church in my life”. Oh, and he’s also been playing ‘Power’. Literally.



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