Come sit on FACT’s knee for a minute, and we’ll remind you of the time when Best Coast was just one girl, a plucky New Talent pick on the basis of a series of brilliant 7” singles and pictures of cats on her blog.

If you hadn’t noticed, Best Coast is now a minor phenomenon, as well as a trio (Ali Koehler, previously of Vivian Girls has now joined on drums). Lead singer Bethany Cosentino now even has a Twitter where she talks about how much weed she smokes / drinks / eats / injects, and is everywhere, from The Sun to The Metro.

Anyway, the trio have just announced a London show at Kings Cross’s Scala, for December 1. Further UK dates will be announced soon, but this might well be the only chance for London residents to see Best Coast live this Summer, and given the hype over their recent debut album Crazy for You, you’ll probably want to take it.

Tickets are on sale today, priced at £13 from



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