Kanye West has just dropped footage of the video for ‘Power’, the first track to be revealed from his forthcoming, still apparently untitled fifth album.

Except wait, it’s not a video, it’s a Video Portrait. Clearly someone needed to one-up Dr. Dre and his album about the solar system which will never come out.

Director Marco Brambilla told MTV, who debuted the footage yesterday, that “I wasn’t really interested if it was going to be a music video, I wanted to do something which was more like a visual accompaniment to the track, and so it didn’t really need to be any specific length and it didn’t really need to be the whole song. It needed to kind of introduce the song in a different way and a fresh way, and I came with this continuous shot with no cuts, no lip sync, and the minute, minute and a half just … seemed like the perfect amount of time to show a video portrait.”

Or in Kanye’s words, via Twitter (where else?), “it’s a moving painting!”

The best quote about it though, comes from this behind the scenes video [via Pitchfork], which describes the video – sorry, video portrait – as a “highly constructed, highly mannered, somewhat religious tableaux that communicates the end of an empire”.

You can watch ‘Power’ below.



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