Faris Badwan, frontman of The Horrors, will present a new exhibition of his “drawings, artwork and projections” in East London next month.

The exhibition, Drawing A Straight Number Nine, will take place on August 11-29 at The Book Club on Shoreditch’s Leonard Street. Horrors fans will already be aware of Badwan’s visual art ambitions – a former student at St Martins, he has created illustrations for T-shirts, fanzines and a number of record sleeves by the likes of Hatcham Social, The Charlatans and The Horrors.

It’s a fairly extensive show, featuring 100 new and original pieces. There will be a strictly invite-only private view at The Book Club on Wednesday 11 August, from 6.30pm-2am, with special guest DJs.

Says Faris of Drawing A Straight Number Nine: “What I wanted to get across with this exhibition was how much of a part of my life drawing always has been. It invades all of my daily routine, be it in the shredded form of masking tape stuck to my walls, line-drawings on restaurant napkins or the sketchbooks I carry with me. It really is the one constant solid thing in my life – a stream which runs regardless of what I happen to be doing or where.”



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