Today’s download comes from Justin Broadrick’s Pale Sketcher project.

Broadrick is a highly influential British musician, who first emerged as a member of grindcore legends Napalm Death before forming arguably his greatest band, Godflesh, combining guitar noise and industrial electronics to create an iconoclastic, resentment-filled racket unlike anything that had come before it. Godflesh remain a prominent influence on countless bands, as well as the dark experimentalism of people like Shackleton.

Work with John Zorn, Kevin ‘The Bug’ Martin and many more followed before Broadrick settled into a groove with Jesu, his shoegaze-influenced doom metal project that resulted in some of the Birmingham-born man’s best work to date in its early albums and EPs. Pale Sketcher is a continuation of Jesu, a series of “de-mixes” of Jesu-intended material where the music is unwound into subtle, wraithlike soundscapes.

An album, Jesu: Pale Sketches Demixed will be released on Ghostly International, home of Matthew Dear, Lusine and more on August 24, but before that we have this single, ‘Can I Go Now (Gone Version). We’re offering the remix by Donnacha Costello, an Irish producer who’s best known for his techno but also made an astonishing ambient album in Together is the New Alone (2001, Mille Plateaux) which this remix falls closer to.

Download: Pale Sketcher – Can I Go Now (Gone Version) [Donnacha Costello remix]



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