After a three year silence, The Concretes are set to return on November 4 with a new album – awkwardly entitled WYWH.

The Stockholm group, originally led by Victoria Bergsman (the female voice of Peter, Bjorn And John’s ‘Young Folks’), has featured Lisa Milberg (pictured) on lead vocals since 2007’s Hey Trouble.

According to a press release, WYWH is a disco album, involving “less guitar, more keyboards, more bass, deep languorous vinyl grooves, twitching percussion and some good old cowbell”. It’s being released by the Something In Construction label; you can download the track ‘Good Evening’ (Eden Rock Version) for free over at The Concretes’ Bandcamp page.

1. Good Evening
2. My Ways
3. Crack in the Paint
4. I Wish We’d Never Met
5. All Day
6. What We’ve Become
7. Oh My Love
8. Knck Knck
9. Sing For Me
10. WYWH



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