You’ve got to admire DMX. Earlier this year the Ruff Ryders leader was released from jail, only to be sent straight back due to a reckless driving charge from 2002.

And last Friday, after serving 18 days of that 90 day sentence, he apparently got in trouble again. That’s right, the very same night. And the best bit? It was for another driving offence.

According to reports, DMX was stopped and tickets for speeding in a renting Mercedes on Sunset Boulevard around 11.20 that night [via HollyScoop]. He was driving without a license, had to be driven home by his friend in the passenger seat, and now has another court date on the horizon.

DMX’s manager Nakia Walker, however, has issued a statement to AllHipHop claiming – in quite vague fashion, we should add – that “DMX is not a criminal, and for the record he was not issued a speeding ticket. The media portrays him to be this horrible person that just can’t get it together. This is so untrue.”

Walker adds that “in the coming months you can expect to see and hear more about DMX as he positions himself back on the road to redemption.” We bet you can.



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