Nite Jewel and Keith Fullerton Whitman are among the artists who have contributed to a new charity compilation, Beaterblocker #2.

This second instalment in Beaterblocker‘s series is being released to raise money for the Homerton Hospital in East London, and is available to buy digitally now from retailers including iTunes, Boomkat and Amazon. Limited cassette and CD versions of the comp will be available soon.

Beaterblocker #2 also features appearances from Es, Eluvium, Charles Mancini, Julia Kent, David Daniell and Michael Vallera. Beaterblocker #1, which includes tracks from Alex Smoke, Marsen Jules, Vladislav Delay and John Maus, is still available. More info on both releases here.

1, Keith Fullerton Whitman – Long Strings In A Darkened Room
2, Es – Ennen Oli Huonommin
3, Eluvium – Defibrillator
4, Julia Kent – Suspensions
5, David Daniell & Michael Vallera – Tunnelled
6, Julia Holter – Why Sad Song?
7, Nite Jewel – Another Horizon
8, Charles Mancini – Naomi and Tom



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