Francesco Tristano will release his third solo album, Idiosynkrasia, in November via InFiné.

It follows 2007’s Murcof-produced Not For Piano, and 2o08’s Auricle Bio On (which was mastered and “enchanted” by Moritz Von Oswald), and finds Tristano further exploring the grey area between classical and electronic music.

“This record is the fruit of a quest for an idiosyncratic language that is somewhere between acoustic and electronic, a quest that spans time and space,” he explains.

“I want to bring the piano into the 21st century. My ambition is to provide the piano with a new identity, because it is often associated with classical music and viewed as an instrument of the past, while I genuinely see it as an instrument of the future.”

To help realise his ambition, Tristano teamed up with Carl Craig, the techno icon with whom he has toured and collaborated extensively in the past. Idiosyncrasia wasn’t produced by Craig, but it was recorded at his Planet E studios in Detroit, and the finished music is steeped in his influence.

“Carl and Detroit played an essential part. Some of the tracks wouldn’t even exist or might have sounded completely different if I hadn’t recorded in detroit. The city’s atmosphere, the people I worked with and the equipment in the studio, all of it had a great influence on me. The wealth of equipment there provided me with an endless source of ideas and sounds. To me, Planet E was the Mecca of sound.”

Check out this teaser video for the album here.


1. Mambo
2. Nach Wasser Noch Erde
3. Wilson
4. Idiosynkrasia
5. Fragrance De Fraga
6. Lastdays
7. Eastern Market
8. Single and Doppio
9. Hello-Inner Space Dub-



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