RSB Records will release two 12″s next month featuring no less than five remixes from members of the Sandwell District collective.

The remixes are of tracks made in 1998 by Reality Or Nothing, a collaborative alias of original Birmingham techno heavyweights Peter ‘Female’ Sutton and Karl ‘Regis’ O’Connor (both latterly involved in Sandwell). They released four 12″s as Reality Or Nothing over the period ’96-’98, all on the Chicago-based Housewerk label; to the best of our knowledge, the music that’s been reworked for the new RSB releases are taken from the fourth of these.

RSB8, Reality Or Nothing Mixes, focusses on the production skills of O’Connor and Sutton: teaming an original track from ’98 with new versions from Female (Sutton) and Kalon (O’Connor). RSB9, Reality Or Nothing // Sandwell District Remixes features remixes from Sandwell regulars Function, Silent Servant and CH-Signal. Also included on the second 12″ is a 1998 demo of the original track.

RSB8 tracklist:
A1. Female Mix
B1. Kalon 08 (Sandwell Mix)
B2. 98 Original

RSB9 tracklist:
A1. CH Signal Mix
A2. 98 Original Demo
B1. Function Mix
B2. Silent Servant Mix



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