When Wiley’s not alienating record labels, arguing with fans and hosting bizarre Ustream sessions with his girlfriend, you can usually find him making music.

And despite all the recent distractions, it seems the grime legend – or at least his on-off manager, John Woolf – has been very busy. First off, he’s made a single with garage veteran MJ Cole, called ‘From the Drop’, which will be released on Cole’s Prolific record label. You can hear an early version of that single, which sounds a little bit like Wiley riding a slowed-down version of his own ‘Crash Bandicoot’, on the radio clip below:

Wiley hasn’t just been making phone calls to the UK though. According to John Woolf’s Twitter, Wiley’s also recorded a song with Diplomats rapper Juelz Santana – news that’s been confirmed by Santana himself. No idea on the title or release plans for this one, but considering Santana’s one of the few rappers with a style as idiosyncratic and downright weird as Wiley’s, we’re looking forward to it.

Oh, and Wiley’s also been Twitter-courting Nicki Minaj about a collaboration. Minaj hasn’t publically replied, but in Wiley’s own words, he’s “gonna get her”. Fingers crossed.



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