Available on: Team Acre 10″

I imagine Blue Daisy is pretty tired of the Flying Lotus comparisons by now, although I’m sure they’ll persist a while yet. They certainly will for the duration of this review. It seems a bit of a shame if he is. It’s not like being compared favourably with one of the most fascinating beatsmiths working today is any particular insult. I can’t honestly say I know for a fact that Tokimonsta has been accused of sounding at all like his Royal Flyness, but she’s a Los Angeleno producer that makes schlompy space-hop. So I guess she probably has.

It’s not immediately clear who does what on this versus EP from Team Acre, but it matters little. ‘USD’ is a lurching megaton bomb of a track, one of the most crushing productions I’ve heard since Flylo’s Dilla refixes on 2008’s Shhh! EP.‘Free Dem’ rolls in a similar vein, but with a loping half-step crunch that breaks sporadically into a pounding 4/4 so fast it would give DJ Nate whiplash.

These tracks are pretty breathtaking through headphones. Through a decent rig they’ll proper knock the stuffing out of you

Colin McKean



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