The Big Pink are the latest act to curate a compilation for !K7’s Tapes series.

The tracks for the disc, which is out October 18, have been selected by band’s Milo Cordell.

“Doing this mix was a complete pleasure because I grew up recording mixes for myself and friends,” he says. “My goal has always been the same: to make something that transports you somewhere completely different.”

The salient theme of the mix is the kind of haunting electronic music and shattered psychedelia that the US underground is throwing up almost ad nauseam right now – drag, witch-house, hypnagogic pop, call it what you will. Salem, who first rose to prominence partly on the back of a 7″ release on Cordell’s Merok label, set the tone with their immense ‘Dirt’. “Someone asked me to describe what Salem sounded like and I said, Its the sound of america slowly dying”.

Many rising stars are represented on the mix – GR†LLGR†LL, oOoOO, Balam Acab, etc – but there’s also space for more established names like The xx, These New Puritans and Gang Gang Dance, who contribute both the original track ‘Ego War’ and a remix of The Big Pink’s ‘Velvet’, not to mention two emissaries from the UK dance scene – Actress and Joker.

There’s a DIY aspect to most of the 16 tracks,” continues Cordell. “Many are nothing more complicated than a person tinkering on a laptop…In the ‘70s, punk had a DIY ethos, but you still had to have a band, you had to go to rehearsal rooms and practice. Now people are making music six feet from their beds. That’s going to have a certain honesty. It’s almost easier than DIY. I imagine 90% of music on the compilation was made in someone’s bedroom. That’s always appealed to me and my label, Merok. We’ve always championed this generation of musicians that make music in their bedrooms. It’s where people feel most at home.”

1. Slow Dancing
2. Love Distance – Move On The Rain
3. Gang Gang Dance – Ego War
4. Joker – Snake Eater
5. Active Child – Body Heat (So Far Away)
6. Henny Moan – Vreg Dreams (Little Slow Mix)
7. Sewn Leather – Smoke Ov The Pvnk
8. Balam Acab – See Birds
9. yusuf b – kiss the nite
10. ZVA – Nothing
11. No Bra – Minger (These New Puritans Remix)
12. jj – Let Go
13. Salem – Dirt
14. Light Asylum – Shallow Tears
15. The Big Pink – Velvet (BDG Remix By Gang Gang Dance)
16. Actress – Hubble
17. oOoOO – Mumbai
18. The xx – Fantasy
19. Horse Macgyver – Tetanus Wine



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