Krakow’s Unsound, which was already shaping up to have one of the festival line-ups of the year, has added even more acts to its 2010 edition.

Producer, composer, sound designer and John Carpenter collaborator Alan Howarth will be performing live. Howarth worked with Carpenter on most of his movies, including Escape from New York and all of the Halloween movies, and provided sound design and effects for Poltergeist, Radiers of the Lost Ark, Hunt for Red October and more.

On top of that, horror buffs will be treated to Icelander Daniel Bjarnasson conduct a formation of 48 string players to perform a suit from Psycho, as well as music from The Shining and Exorcist. Quiet Village’s Joel Martin has helped the festival craft a series of Q&As, including sessions with Goblin and Alan Howarth and panels on “darkness and experimental music” and “the use of library music in exploitation films.”

There’s also shows by promising UK duo Jigoku, shadowy post-techno trailblazers Raime, ambient man Black to Comm, and loveable Norwegian mentalists Jazkamer. And that’s on top of the already announced acts, which include Terror Danjah, Shackleton, Actress, Mordant Music (making a nest), Carlos Giffoni (curating a haunted house), and much more.

For full details and tickets, visit the Unsound website.



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