Earlier this year we reported on a new album-length release from Theo Parrish, Sketches.

Sketches was available on 3×12″ vinyl in an almost comically limited edition of 150, with copies distributed at DEMF and finding their way to stores such as Hard Wax but selling out in a matter of minutes, despite an eye-watering price tag of 80 Euros. Well, good news today for those who missed out: the tracks from the vinyl have been compiled on CD, together with a previously unreleased bonus track. Also entitled Sketches and available to pre-order now from Rush Hour, it goes without saying that this disc is a must for all Theo nuts, and a good deal more affordable for than the vinyl, which was sold for 80 Euros.

For a formidable introduction to his work, be sure to read our recently published Essential…Theo Parrish feature.

1. Hope In tomorrow feat. Niamh
2. Kites on Pluto
3. Traffic Feat IG Culture – unreleased bonus track
4. Horizon
5. Thumpasaurus
6. Black Mist
7. Wookie Nookie – unreleased bonus track
8. 360@129on696 (full version) feat Dumminie Deporres
9. Untitled Feat Larry Mizell
10. Flip The funk out Feat The Rotating assembly
11. Feel free to be who you need to be – unreleased bonus track



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