Two superlative remixes for you to download today, both of tracks from the new album by Sistol.

Sistol is one of many alter egos of Finland’s Sasu Ripatti (Luomo, Vladislav Delay), under which he makes raw, intuitive and elf-confessedly druggy house and techno. The new Sistol album, On The Bright Side, has just been released by the Halo Cyan label, and the tracks ‘On The Bright Side’ and ‘Funseeker’ have been remixed by Scuba and Oneohtrix Point Never respectively.

Scuba’s version is one of his most warm and textured offerings to date, a swung, dubstep-inflected house track with a mellifluous, energetic groove and clipped, ecstatic vocal samples that recall the work of his star signing, Joy Orbison. All in all, a top-class offering.

Oneohtrix Point Never’s take on ‘Funseeker’ is a different beast altogether, an immersive synth epic that feels like ambient and noise both, but isn’t really one or the other, and is full of his instantly recognisable high-range sounds (“More seagulls!”).

Download: Sistol – On the Bright Side (Scuba’s The Bright Side Remix)

Download: Sistol – Funseeker (Oneohtrix Point Never’s Rainbro Mix)



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