Blank Dogs has announced a new LP, due out in October.

Titled Land & Fixed, it features twelve tracks from the New Yorker, who made a name for himself with a series of anonymously recorded singles and full-length offerings, including the superlative Under and Under (2009, and one of our albums of the year). He later “came out” as Mike Sniper, giving an in-depth interview to FACT this year.

Land & Fixed is released on October 12 via Blank Dogs’ own Captured Tracks label, and features 12 new Sniper tracks. On first listen, it’s as good as you’d expect.

Blank Dogs will be touring the UK later this year; for full details click here.

1. Goes By
2. Collides
3. Longlights
4. Northern Islands
5. Insides
6. Blurred Tonight
7. Languages
8. Elevens
9. Out the Door
10. All Around
11. Through the Wall
12. Treelines



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