The Black Dog’s 2009 album Further Vexations is set to get the remix treatment, courtesy of a new Soma-released compilation titled Final Collected Vexations.

That’s not quite as exciting as it probably sounds – the majority of these tracks have already come out, on 2009’s Vexing and We Are Sheffield EPs and 2010’s Vexing Remixes EP. Still, for collectors or whose who don’t own the original 12”s, it’s a nice way to gather these remixes in one package, with Autechre, Claro Intelecto, Redshape, Slam and more starring.

Final Collected Vexations is released on October 11. You can read FACT’s interview with The Black Dog from earlier this year, here.

01. 0093 [Berlin Mix]
02. You’re Only SQL [BCN Mix]
03. Plinth
04. Tunnels OV Set (Crookes Mix)
05. Tunnels OV Set (The Bass Soldier Manor
06. Tunnels OV Set (Autechre Mix)
07. Tripside Syndicate
08. Northern Electronic Soul (Claro Intelecto Snake Pass Mix)
09. CCTV Nation (Redshape Analog Mix)
10. Skinclock (Silicone Soul Mix)
11. Kissing Someone Else’s D.O.G. (Octogen’s Nightdrive Mix)
12. CCTVNation (Slam Mix)



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