El Guincho takes the reins for a distinctly Hispanic-flavoured FACT mix 187.

Pablo Díaz-Reixa entered our lives in 2008 with the quietly dazzling Alegranza, an album that combined elements of  US psyche, dub, synth-pop and Brazilian tropicalia into what its maker described as a kind of  “space age exotica”. Looking back now, Alegranza seems like a particularly prescient work: along with Panda Bear’s Person Pitch it boldy scouted out the terrain in which so many chillwave, hypnagogia and sun-warped pop artists now comfortably reside.

Earlier this year the Barcelona-based Guinch released the first instalment in his limited edition Piratas de Sudamérica EP series. Recorded at home with deliberately low frequency response then bounced down to the tape, the EP consisted of covers and rearrangements of South American standards and lost classics. This spirit of discovery informs his totally unique FACT mix, wherein he finds incredible, often unlikely psychedelic resonances in traditional music and pop from the Spanish-speaking world, elegantly editing tracks by the likes of Javier Solis, Rolando Laserie and Gloria Lasso into a hypnotic and righteous flow. We also reckon this is the first and last time you’ll hear a Julio Iglesias track on a FACT mix.

Enjoy, and be sure to check out El Guincho’s new album, Pop Negro, out now on Young Turks.


hector lavoe – live (intro)
rolando laserie – flores negras (duet / edit)
gato pérez – cha cha cha de la locura (edit)
las colombianitas – cuerpo sin alma (edit)
javier solis – recuerdos de ipacarai (edit)
willie colón – che che colé (edit)
orquesta revé – changuï campanero (edit)
original de manzanillo con cándido fabré, paulito fg, rey nedio, el indio, usulungu – improvisación en tv (edit)
orquesta revé – changuï campanero (remix)
la lupe – si vuelves tú (edit)
las caribelles – nave sin rumbo (edit)
los chicos – enamorado (edit)
los zafiros – la luna en tu mirada (edit)
la onda vaselina – qué triste es el primer adiós (remix)
gloria lasso – cuando calienta el sol (edit)
gloria lasso – buen viaje (edit)
julio iglesias – me va me va me va (live benidorm / edit)
mecano – me colé en tu fiesta (live canal 13 / edit)
los pasteles verdes – esclavo y amo (edit)
ruben blades – decisiones (edit)
ruben blades – decisiones (remix)
los bukis – me volvi a acordar de ti (remix)
aviador dro – nuclear sí (edit)
os resentidos – songoro cosongo (remix)
programa – luz en la oscuridad (remix)
ciudad jardín – primero así y luego más



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