Things we’ve been enjoying this September: the Hippos in Tanks label, Hype Williams, and the fact that London’s constantly pissing down with rain.

Actually, scrap that – we’re not into the rain. But what more than makes up for it is the fact that two of those above three have combined to become a gloriously woozy one. Hippos in Tanks artist Chris d’Eon, a Montreal-based producer and singer who learned to play the lute in a Tibetan monastery, will release his debut album for the label, Palinsopia on November 16, following White Car’s Essential Listening pick No Better.

To whet your appetite for the release, we’ve got a remix of d’Eon’s ‘Keep the Faith’, by Drake-loving Berlin-to-London slowgazers Hype Williams to give away. In fact, it’s even better than a remix – it’s their d.blunt LBC Radio Freestyle Aug ’92 RMX, which basically means they flatten out the original, synth-led instrumental and add some clashing drums and a screwed vocal (we guess by D-Blunt?) on top. If we weren’t miserable rain-sodden Englishmen we’d say it’s totally rad.

Download: d’Eon – Keep the Faith (Hype Williams’ d.blunt LBC etc etc RMX)



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