DFA have released details of their long-awaited anthology of music by Peter Gordon and the Love of Life Orchestra.

Composer and saxophonist Gordon was born in New York City in 1951, and later studied with Robert Ashley and Terry Riley at the Mills College Center for Contemporary Music. As well as working solo and with his Love of Life Orchestra (co-founded with David Van Tieghem), he has collaborated with David Byrne, Arto Lindsay, Laurie Anderson, Suzanne Vega, The Flying Lizards and Arthur Russell, among others.

Over the past twenty years a strong cult has formed around Gordon’s work – which effortlessly fuses elements of jazz, disco, pop and avant-rock modern classical composition – one which grew significantly when James Murphy and Pat Mahoney opened and closed their FabricLive 36 mix CD with the Love Of Life Orchestra’s stunning ‘Beginning of the Heartbreak’/’Don’t Don’t’.There has been no comprehensive retrospective of Gordon’s work released to date, which makes DFA’s new nine-track compilation invaluable. Included on it are two tracks by Justine & The Victorian Punks (Love of Life’s collaboration with performance artist Colette) and the ‘redux’ version of ‘Another Heartbreak’/’Don’t Don’t’ which was released as a single by DFA earlier this year.

Peter Gordon Love Of Life Orchestra will be available on CD and digital from October 12, preceded by a 12″ reissue of Justine & The Victorian Punks’ 1979 single.

1. Beginning of the Heartbreak / Don’t Don’t
2. Extended Niceties
3. Don’t Don’t (Reprise)
4. Roses on the Disco Floor
5. Justin & The Victorian Punks – Still You
6. Justin & The Victorian Punks – Beautiful Dream
7. Iago’s Escape
8. That Hat
9. Another Heartbreak / Don’t Don’t (Redux)



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