London’s No Pain In Pop label is to reissue Dagger Paths, the extraordinary debut mini-album by Forest Swords, with bonus tracks.

Originally released earlier in 2010 on vinyl by Olde English Spelling Bee, Dagger Paths is a breathtakingly original and accomplished work, combining R&B and dub-inflected tribal rhythms, Morricone-style guitars, field recordings and drones into one of the most immersive and heart-rending listening experiences we’ve been subjected to in recent times.

NPIP’s CD edition adds two tracks to the album, ‘Rattling Cage’ and ‘Hjurt’, that first appeared on the 7″ they put out back in Summer. They’re also throwing in a bonus CD-R (formal tracklist TBC) collecting tracks from the now deleted 2009 EP Fjree Feather, remixes of Forest Swords by the likes of Pariah and Becoming Real, and a mix by Forest Swords including his own edits of These New Puritans, Wild Beasts and Becoming Real. The special edition includes a fetching Rattling Cage T-shirt.

The regular album and special edition are due to be released on November 22. For more information and pre-orders, click here.

1. Miarches
2. Hoylake Misst
3. Visits
4. Glory Gongs
5. If Your Girl
6. The Light
7. Rattling Cage
8. Forest Swords – Hjurt



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