This Friday’s mix comes from one of our favourite labels to emerge this year, Tri Angle

Based between New York and London, and ran by Robin Carolan of the 20 jazz funk greats blog and So Bones club night, Tri Angle has, without particularly asking for it, been chosen as spiritual home for this wave of slow, hip-hop informed independent music that you’ve probably heard referred to as drag, or even better, witch house.

Three releases into its fledgling discography – an EP by San Francisco’s oOoOO was released this week following Balam Acab’s See Birds and Let Me Shine for You, a free compilation of Lindsey Lohan reinterpretations – Tri Angle are already one of the world’s most justifiably hyped labels, and so we figured there’s no better time to celebrate their rise than with a FACT mix by label head Carolan, featuring material from Tri Angle artists Balam Acab, Nowa Huta stalker and oOoOO, plus Tweet, Brandy, LHF and more.


stalker – final_1
oOoOO – Burnout Eyess
Cassie – My House
Brandy – Angel In Disguise (acapella)
Bjork – Oceania (reversed)
Lil B – Why They Wanna Kill Me
Amen Ra (LHF) – Mountain Top Guru
Balam Acab – Heavy Living Things
Nowa Huta – On Night (AUTORMX)
Holy Other – Mosca Shits Bricks
JoJo – In The Dark
Raime – This Foundry
Tweet – Drunk
Jazmine Sullivan – Lions, Tigers & Bears (Chopped & Screwed by OG Ron C)



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