In an interview with Resident Advisor’s Richard Carnes, Dam-Funk has spoken candidly about his recent projects, including his album with Slave’s Steve Arrington.

The record, according to Dam, is “pretty much done”, and represents a homage to the sound of Slave. Well, sort of.

“It’s gotta be respected … it’s a respectful approach that I’ve had, but it’s not gonna sound like Just a Touch of Love. It’s gonna sound like new Steve Arrington funk like he never stopped.”

The Stones Throw artist, who has a new album due out later this month, Adolescent Funk, claims in the piece that Arrington has “become a spiritual advisor of mine. He’s really a great friend and we connect a lot on funk and some of his experiences he went through with Slave … we talk on the phone for three hours, man. Just about funk, the history of it … the tracks are definitely modern funk sounding, and the people who are into Slave will hopefully realise that I’m not gonna try and give them something they won’t like. I’m gonna continue what happened.”

Dam goes on to reveal that he’s been “doing some stuff with Joker”, and that he hates it when he’s DJing and “all of a sudden the guy before [him] is like ‘wa wa wa wa wa wa wa’”. Well, don’t we all. You can read the full piece here.



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