So far this year, Matthew Herbert has released One Club, an album made up entirely of sounds taken from the Robert-Johnson club in Berlin, One One, made up entirely of sounds made himself, and is preparing to release One Pig, made up entirely of sounds made by his pet pig – from its birth to the point where Herbert and friends ate it.

As if that’s not enough, the legendary sampler, producer and general audio whiz has announced One Day, a concert at the Royal Festival Hall on November 20. However, being Herbert, it’s not just a concert – it’s actually “the first new work and concert inspired by and using a copy of the Guardian”. You knew there’d be a catch somewhere.

Basically, Herbert is constructing a musical score based on content from the 25 September edition of the newspaper, which will then be performed by the London Sinfonietta Orchestra, together with special guests and members of the audience. To prepare for this, Herbert and the orchestra have been attending editorial meetings and taking notes (and, we’d guess, the odd sample) at the Guardian’s East London print centre.

The guest performers will include “musicians, singers, sportspeople, writers, journalists, members of the public and actors.” In Herbert’s own words, “musicians have long served a function as storytellers. Yet the biggest stories, the ones that often have a direct impact on our lives, are rarely retold in contemporary music. By choosing one edition of a national paper as both score and subject matter, I’m forced to confront this paradox head on.”



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