Available on: Candent Sounds 12″


Ramadanman refix

If you’ve had your ears to the ground, you may be familiar with Jamie Woon’s soulful voice. Featuring, and stealing the show on Subeena’s ‘Solidify’ late last year, he not only sings but produces his own music, and has worked alongside Debruit and Om’Mas Keith of Sa-Ra Creative Partners. One of his earlier singles, ‘Warfarying Stranger’ was remixed by Burial and for ‘Night Air’ they rekindle this partnership, with Burial credited for additional production on the track. But really, ‘Night Air’ is all about the vocals.

Lingering in your head long after the track has ended, Jamie’s haunting voice takes you on a voyage deep into the night and shines high above the excellently executed bass drums, soul claps and harmonious choir in the backdrop of the production. Flip to the B-side and you’ll hear a refix by Hessle Audio’s Ramadanman. It’s another reunion; Woon featured on the flip of Ramadanman’s ‘Good Feelin’ back in 2007, and on this remix, Woon finds his vocals chopped and cut in all the right places, with a layer of brilliantly constructed percussion that builds into a delicate, smoky foundation for the track to elevate from.

Zainab Jama



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