This week, a new album by Werk Discs core artist Lukid
arrived, with little press.

Titled Chord, it’s a triple vinyl pack that features new material alongside tracks from Lukid’s Foma album (also released on Werk, in 2008) that never saw vinyl release. We exchanged some emails with Luke about Chord, how it fits in with the music he’s done to date, and what other projects he has on the horizon.

Your new album Chord kind of came out of nowhere, the only promo we were aware of was Actress posting the sleeve art on his Twitter a while back. Was this approach deliberate?

“I think this has always been Darren [Actress]’s approach. With Werk he places the emphasis on finding the right artists, making sure the music is right, making sure the artwork is right, then putting it into the world and letting it speak for itself. I respect it, shows the confidence he has in the music he releases.”

What’s the premise of Chord exactly? Some of the tracks were already on Foma, was this an opportunity to get them out on vinyl?

“Well the idea was always to put some tracks from Foma on vinyl. Originally it was gonna be something like a four track 12″, two tracks from Foma and two new, but as time went by I was making more and more music and I guess Darren was feeling it, and he suggested a triple vinyl. I see it as an extension of Foma, Foma+. Radiohead did it with ‘Airbag’, that’s how I justify it.”

What’s the new material like compared to what’s come before?

“If anything I would say it’s more raw and more simple, direct. I think the title Chord works in that way. To the point.”

Tell us about this other new project you’re working on…

“I’ve been making a lot of more techno orientated stuff, somewhat inspired by a lot of the Chicago acid I’ve been listening to, and wanted to get it on record. Werk’s schedule was pretty full, so I’m doing it on a new label called GLUM. Hopefully it will be the first in a series of 12″s. Not sure what the reaction to it will be. Let’s see.”

Has your approach to music changed much since Foma? The way you’re building tracks, what’s inspiring you…

“Hmmm. Foma was made quite a while ago now, feels quite distant. I kinda feel like I’m only just getting into my stride. My process isn’t changing much, but I think I’m slowly getting my head round this music lark. I’ve made a couple of tracks with a singer which I’m pretty excited about, real weirded out euphoric stuff. Hopefully I’ll be doing more.”

How’s your live show going?

“It’s not really. I hesitate to call it a live show, essentially I DJ on a laptop and play a lot of my own tracks. It’s a very weird business, this ‘live’ thing. I think someone needs to clarify it, draw up a manifesto or something.

“I’ve got nothing coming up apart from another Thriller night at Plastic People in December which I can’t wait for, the last one was superb.”

You haven’t been doing your Ustreams as regularly as you were – but when you do, the selection’s always great. What sort of stuff are you feeling/playing out right now?

“Thanks, yeah those Ustreams were fun but i needed to take a break as I pretty much exhausted my music collection for the seven people i played for every week. As for what I’m feeling, I know this is musician cliché #329, but I do listen to lots of different types of music. At the moment I’m listening to lots of old grime instrumentals (I’m only seven years late), a lot of old acid (I’m only 20 years late) and lots of The Fall (I’m only ??? years late), amongst lots of other things that are not quite as cool to mention.”

What else is going on in the world of Lukid right now?

“Oh you know, football, films, reviewing obscure canned drinks, eating bagels.”



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