San Francisco duo Girls will released a six-song mini-album on November 22.

Titled Broken Dreams Club, it marks a – kind of – follow-up to last year’s acclaimed Album, and comes preceded by a download of ‘Heartbreaker’, track two on the record. That’s available here:

Download: Girls – Heartbreaker

In the words of Girls frontman Christopher Owens, “this record is a letter of intent, it’s a snapshot of the horizon. We took the money we’ve made on tour and worked with the kind of equipment and musicians that would’ve been too expensive for us in the past.

“All of us have something to say and give, and this is what happens when we show a little interest and support in others. We couldn’t have made this record without you.

“So this is our gift to you, our way of saying thank you for giving us the chance to work at the level we’ve always wanted to, and a taste of things to come. This isn’t Girls ll grown up, but it’s certainly the next step up from Album.”

01 The Oh So Protective One
02 Heartbreaker
03 Broken Dreams Club
04 Alright
05 Substance
06 Carolina



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