It’s hard to believe between all the Twitter madness, cover art hysteria and short films, but Kanye West hasn’t actually told us what’s gonna be on his new album.

Until now. RWD have reported the full tracklist for My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy, and well, if you’ve been following the build-up to the album, then you’ll already be familiar with quite a few of these tracks, such as ‘Monster’, ‘Runaway’ and ‘Lost in the World’.

As for the cover art, the latest seems to be that there’ll be five different covers, all included in the album package. One will be Kanye “chilling with his Phoenix”, and we’re guessing this picture of a ballerina on the Amazon pre-orders list is another.

According to MTV, ‘Blame Game’ heavily samples Aphex Twin’s ‘Avril 14th’.

1. Dark Fantasy
2. Gorgeous (Ft. Kid Cudi & Raekwon)
4. All of the Lights
5. Monster (Ft. Jay-Z, Rick Ross, Nicki Minaj & Bon Iver)
6. So Appalled (Ft. Jay-Z, Pusha T, Prynce Cy Hi, Swizz Beatz & The RZA)
7. Devil In a New Dress
8. Runaway (Ft. Pusha T)
9. Hell of a Life
10. Blame Game (Ft. John Legend & Pusha T)
11. Lost In the World
12. See Me Now



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