All week on FACT, we’ll be streaming Lazer Sword’s debut album.

The former FACT mixers have been bubbling under the surface for a while now, with their modern take on hip-hop, electro and synth-funk winning them support from the UK’s LuckyMe and Numbers crews, and like-minded folk Stateside.

In a week’s time, their debut album should see them shift their career into third gear. Simply titled Lazer Sword, it squeezes rap, 8-bit, Jimmy Edgar, Justice and more into a space station production line, lit in neon and with guest spots from Anti-Pop Consortium’s M. Sayyid, Freestyle Fellowship’s Myka 9, Zackey Force Funk and Turf Talk.

Lazer Sword drops November 2 on Innovative Leisure; the ‘Batman’ / ‘I’m Gone’ single is out now with remixes by Rustie and Nguzunguzu. Stream it below.



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