London house night TACTiLE will turn two later this month with Altered Natives and Subeena.

Danny ‘Altered’ Natives is one of the UK’s biggest breakthrough acts this year, or at least in this weird underground micro-scene we’re dealing with he is. He’s not quite Tinie Tempah yet, but he’s getting there. The man makes broken juggernauts of house tracks, where the drums, bass and thumping synths and chords melt into one. On his recent Tenement Yard album, it was almost hard to know where one track ended and one begun, and it’s this unforgiving, relentless take on house and broken beat music that’s made him so popular. Read FACT’s recent pieces on him here and here.

Subeena meanwhile, is making a name for herself on her melodic productions that lie somewhere between Berlin and London, with the elegance of her home nation of Italy. She’s released on Planet Mu in the past, but currently remains focused on her own label, Opit. We’ve had both Natives and Subeena play FACT parties before, and they kill it.

In support, you’ll find residents Tomas and Mirror Mirror, as well as regular TACTiLE chap Paddy Freeform. The party takes place at the Horse & Groom, Shoreditch, on Saturday October 30. Entry is £4 advance, £5 after 10.



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