Funkystepz are kind of killing it right now.

The five-man collective (we couldn’t find a picture of all of them, so that’s producer and DJ Maxsin, above) have been making waves with their hard-edged take on UK Funky for a while now, and possess one of Rinse FM’s most reliable shows.

Their vocal anthem with Lily McKenzie, ‘For U’, comes out next Monday and is one of the best UK house anthems to emerge since the great Funky explosion of 2008. Then next year there’s a Hyperdub 12″, the slow coaches will get up to speed, and the world is theirs.

This week the crew hooked us up with a free download of one of our favourite Funkystepz dubplates, their glorious remix of Estho’s ‘Bitch’. You can grab it, play it, and do what you want with it below.



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