Ghettophiles aren’t fucking around.

The Chicago label, home of DJ Rashad, DJ Spinn, Jody Breeze and other key figures and up-and-comers in the city’s juke / footwork scene, have already put out seven digital releases and one physical this year, the acclaimed 4 The Ghetto by Spinn and Rashad, and will end 2010 on an eight-track footwork compilation titled Overkill.

Overkill features cuts by usual suspects Earl, Rashad, Spinn, Clent and Traxman, plus tracks by Arpebu, DJ Tre and DJ Manny. It’s due out on a zero inch exclusive either this week or early next week, and should be in all other digital stores on Dec 14.

01. Arpebu – Munsta from Kavain Space
02. DJ Earl – Get Off Yo Azz and Jam!
03. DJ Spinn – Jazz 4 ya Azz
04. DJ Tre – No Mo Playin
05. DJ Manny – Chase
06. DJ Clent – Next Shit
07. DJ Rashad – Ghost
08. Traxman – WTF?



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