God Blesses Us, Mother Dresses Us is a collection of 24 archival bedroom recordings by Wes Eisold, the creative force behind Cold Cave, under the name Ye Olde Maids.

A significantly expanded CD edition of the vinyl LP of the same title, which was released last year via Art Fag Recordings and limited to 500 copies, God Blesses Us is, despite its girth, rather a slight affair compared to Cold Cave’s breakthrough album Love Comes Close. However, it does provide a welcome insight into Eisold’s development as songwriter and lo-fi sonic stylist, as he attempts – with mixed results – to digest influences from hardcore punk, shoegaze, noise, power electronics, jangly indie-pop, darkwave and EBM into something coherent and affecting.

The album is out now through Eisold’s own Heartworm Press imprint; you can listen to a couple of samples here. The cover art is pictured above.

1. Cocoa Cherubs
2. Candy Cigarettes On Fire
3. Love Theme From A Cannes Cade
4. Hawk Over The Highway From My Way To You
5. Dreamscaper
6. Advice To A Future Giallo Killer
7. In The Palms Of God’s Hands
8. Love Theme From A Car Commercial
9. Don’t Think I’ll Miss The Beaches
10. White Impatiens
11. I Came Here By Broom
12. Grrrl On A Bike
13. Summer’s Dead
14. New Car
15. Depressed Skull #2
16. Rigid Hooker
17. Door Covers Door
18. Acapulco
19. Crawling Out Of The Hole
20. Love On The Weekend
21. Freedom Of A Junkie
22. Life Mag
23. Under The Eis Of Hell
24. Twenty-One



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