Next month sees the arrival of Yota Space, a stellar-looking new music and arts festival in St Petersburg, Russia.

Running from Dec 5th – 19th, the ambitious event will showcase the work some of Europe’s most innovative digital artists and features an opening party headlined by a live show from Hot Chip and the Russian debut of 77 Million Paintings, Brian Eno’s renowned ‘generative art’ installation piece.

Yota Space takes place in a 15,000ft industrial building in the centre of the city, over the course of two weeks digital artists including Chris Levine (whose work with Grace Jones was exhibited this summer at The Vinyl Factory), Jason Bruges, UVA and more will all be showing work.

London based digital artists/curators onedotzero will be responsible for presenting work from artists including: Hellicar&Lewis, Quayola, Cassett Playa, Max Hatter and others. Local artists will also be represented, including St Petersburg’s VideoFabrika, who create futuristic ‘visual fantasies’ inspired by past events.

Yota Space will also offer a series of educational programmes and workshops, designed to inspire young video artists and digital animators with the latest advances in digital art.



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