Available on: Flingco Sound System 7″

How subtle is too subtle? Because this 7″ by Cristal, a trio containing Bobby Donne of post-rock legends LaBradford, is so subtle.

There’s samples so deep in the mix that you’re never quite sure if you’ve heard them or not, and when you try to listen out for them you just miss them. A-side ‘Swedish Child’ is less abrasive than some of Cristal’s past work on the Flingco Sound label (run by former Kranky man Bruce Adams), a five minute exercise in soundtracking what could be about to happen rather than what’s actually happening. It’s a point brought home by the amateur-style video for the track, as well as B-side ‘Trial’, which sounds like the aftermath of some great explosion that you missed when you were turning over the record. Climaxes are for chumps.

Anna Russell



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