With the new album by her band Hercules & Love Affair due out in early 2011, and with her own debut solo single recently issued on Hercules mainman Andy Butler’s Mr Intl. label, we thought it a good time to have a quick chat with Kim Ann Foxman.

You can catch Foxman DJing at the Club Motherfucker party this Saturday at Corsica Studios, alongside Romy xx, Area Negro and more. Further information and tickets here.

How are you? Read, watched or heard anything recently that you’d particularly recommend?

“I love True Blood. Now that I watched them all I need a new show to get hooked on. I like Mad Men, and Dexter as well. The last book I read that really stood out was Let The Right One In, it’s way crazier than the movie, although I did like that as well. The book is extra graphic. If you wanna get spooked, read that. As far as new stuff I’m listening too, I’m liking Tuff City Kids remixes, and I love KiNK as well, and his collaborations with Neville Watson. And I like Faze Action a lot.”

What can we expect from your DJ sets these days?

“Lots of old and new classic aesthetic house and techno jams that will make you horny on the dancefloor.”

You recently released your first solo single. Tell us about it. How did it come into being and what are you aiming for?

“Yes, I released ‘Creature’/’What You Need’ on Mr. Intl, which is Andrew Butler’s label. I wanted to put out some solo stuff. I brought my backbone structures and rough drafts to Andy, and he liked them and wanted to help me produce them. He really made them sound amazing. I’m aiming to put out more solo releases on Mr. Intl, and also work on an album as well. I’m digging the pop-oriented vibe mixed with the underground feeling of golden-era deep house and techno.”

How has touring with the new line-up of Hercules & Love Affair been? It seems like you’re enjoying yourselves…

“I absolutely love the new line-up. Eveyone is so inspiring to work with and we have the best time together. We really push each other to vibe off each other. We have a real chemistry and I think it’s obvious. It really feels like a great team and also like a family. I’m having so much fun.”

Where are you living at the moment? Are you still in New York? How’s it treating you?

“I was spending a lot of time in Barcelona for love, and going back to NY a lot. But we are in a crazy fun moving process at moment.. So we’ll be based in NY full time very soon. I brought huge bags and records and my mixer back here yesterday. I’m excited to be full time based in NY again. But I know in many ways I’m gonna miss having a foot in Europe. I love Europe too.”

Anything else we should know?

“So many things..The KiNK remix of ‘I Can’t Wait (by Hercules & Love Affair) is coming out very soon! For real. Get ready for the official release of ‘MY HOUSE’! We are all shooting the video today in NY. Very exciting!

“Also, keep your eyes peeled on Mr. Intl records. A lot of nice tracks to come from many artists. Also, ‘Creature’ is gonna be available on iTunes in Jan, so that’s really exciting. Please catch my DJ set in London for Club Motherfucker this Saturday. Aerea Negrot is gonna perform live that same night; for those who don’t know, she is in the new line-up of Hercules and Love Affair and she’s also a solo artist on B-pitch control. She makes rad techno and she’s an amazing performer so I think its gonna be a really fun party! And I’m so excited Honeysoundsytem are playing that night too! Its gonna be major! Come out!”



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