Our last mix of 2010 comes from one half of the team behind the year’s best dance label.

As co-owner of Night Slugs with L-Vis 1990, Bok Bok’s responsible for releasing more good club tracks than pretty much anyone else we can think of this year. Girl Unit’s ‘Wut’ and ‘IRL’, Jam City’s Magic Drops and Refixes EPs, Mosca’s ‘Square One’, Velour’s Velvet Collection, a full release of Lil Silva’s white label classic ‘Seasons’, Egyptrixx’s ‘The Only Way Up’ – the list goes on. And on. And on.

Night Slugs the label may have launched last year, but the brand’s far from new – the club night has been going since 2008, and has graduated from a low-key family affair in Camberwell to one of London’s best regular nights, spread across several venues. Rarely is a club night’s philosophy – in this case, a desire to push innovative, unpretentious dance music free from formula and geographical boundaries while staying true to the UK soundsystem culture that birthed the night – translated so seamlessly into a physical product, but over 12″ Night Slugs releases down the line, here we are.

Bok Bok and L-Vis 1990 teamed up to deliver FACT mix 19 in the early days of Night Slugs; given the year they’ve had, we thought it wholly appropriate to ask them back. Altered Natives, MMM’s Fiedel, Boddika, Lil Silva, T. Williams and many more feature.

(Available for three weeks)


01  Altered Natives – Voyage [Bosconi]
02  Lazer Sword – Batman (Lando Kal remix) [Innovative Leisure]
03  Boddika – Underground
04  Cooly G & DVA – Oi Dirty [forthcoming Dub Organiser]
05  Pearson Sound – Deep Inside Refix
06  Dubbel Dutch – Darq
07  DJ Tameil – Back It Up (Mike Q Ego edit) (BB strip)
08  F – Slowdown
09  Fiedel – Doors To Manual [Ostgut Ton]
10  Hindzy D – Shrapnel [Lix Corruptions, Sting Recordings]
11  Jam City – Arpjam VIP
12  DJ Deeon – Time To Work [Ghetto Test]
13  Lil Silva – Shutter
14  Unknown – Unknown
15  Instra:mental – Voyeur [Disfigured Dubs]
16  Youngstar – The Forumla [DDJS]
17  Bok Bok – Look At Me dub
18  T. Williams – Can We (Tatankey Mix) (BB edit)
19  Raw Milk – Spreo Superbus [forthcoming Numbers]
20  Kingdom – Let You No
21  Katy B – Lights On (Girl Unit Instrumental)
22  DB-X – Flying Causer (12″) [Accelerate]
23   Point 5 – Feeling Dizzy [Baainar Records]



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