Will ‘Baths’ Wiesenfeld also works under the names [Post-Foetus] and Geotic. He’s just released a new album as the latter, titled Mend.

Made over the Christmas period and designed as a “sort of spirit successor” to past Geotic album Hearth, it’s more guitar-y and less beats-y than the majority of Baths’ music, but still carries a distinct Wiesenfeld feel and is worth your attention.

On top of that, like all the Geotic material to date, it’s available to download for free – you can grab it here. The sleeve, by the way, is an Optomap Retinal Photo of Wiesenfeld’s left eye.

Mend tracklist:
1. Unwind
2. Beaming Husband
3. Find Your Peace
4. Time Passes In a Slow Sundown
5. Disrobe and Come to Bed
6. Get Held
7. Sleep and We’ll Transition
8. Into Some Spirit World
9. Our Awe
10. The Sprawling, Glorious Newness
11. I’ll Have Come and Gone With You
12. Through the Lush and Undiscovered
13. And Upon Awakening
14. We’ve Mended



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