Available on: Hardrive 12″

It’s nice to think that ‘Gully Brook Lane’ has a legacy. The second single by Bristol’s Joker, it took what seemed like a year to actually come out – and when it did, it had even grown a sidecar in ‘Holly Brook Park’. Since then, it’s been updated by Joker and Jakes (‘3K Lane’) and kick-started one of dubstep’s most far-reaching strands, the “purple” sound of Joker, Gemmy, Guido and beyond. Here, it gets a second update as a collaboration with Terror Danjah.

‘Gully Goon Estate’ hardly needed to happen, but there’s something comforting about its existence. For a start, it’s nice to see a self-confessed grime kid in a dubstep world team up with someone who was once likely a bit of a hero in Terror Danjah. But more than that, it’s two of the most distinctive, powerful sound palettes in the UK merging together and making something, well, really distinctive and powerful, and pretty much as reliable, if unimaginative a floor-filler as you’re likely to find this month. The flip, meanwhile, is dedicated to a welcome collaboration between Terror and bassline producer Illmana, which plays out like a healthy companion to TRC’s recent ‘Oo Aa Ee’.

Tam Gunn



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